Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dont' run with (fabric) scissors!

I think it's worth it to have a good, sharp pair of fabric scissors. When I was younger, my mom had a pair of Gingher scissors which she stored in the box when not in use. She always told us to never cut paper with the scissors because they would get dull. I wasn't bold enough to do it, but it was always tempting to cut paper with the shiny scissors. Although my mom has passed, I try not to forget her words of wisdom, encouragement, and helpful tips. Over 15 years later, I finally understand where she was coming from with this helpful scissors tip!

I use my mom's Gingher scissors now and they are the best scissors ever. Ever. They are just as sharp as before and cut fabric so smoothly and easily. I've tried a couple times and bought my own scissors to set them aside for fabric only. But those lazy moments when I thought I could cut paper "just this one time" turned into multiple times, which eventually made the scissors dull and difficult to cut through fabric.

These scissors have never (that I know of) cut paper

So keep your fabric scissors sharp and try to resist when you are about to cut paper! If you do happen to cut paper with your fabric scissors, don't worry, just try not to do it again! Luckily Gingher offers sharpening and repair service for their brand scissors only.

Here are some tips for your fabric scissors:
1. Only use them to cut fabric!
2. Store your scissors in a fitted sheath or case.
3. Fasten pins outside the cutting area to avoid cutting through hard metal or plastic objects that might damage the scissors.
4. Periodically wipe the inside blade to keep them free of lint.

Monday, May 10, 2010


On a rainy Monday like today, looking up flowers made the day a little better.

Craspedia Billy Balls from FiftyFlowers.com

Billy Ball boutonniere by a florist in Chicago

I really like the simpleness of the Billy Balls/Billy Buttons.

Peonies via TasteDuds

Peonies via Twelve22

I don't know much about flowers, but peonies are one of my favorites. The petals are so delicate, yet the flower as a whole is so full.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Late Night Crafting

Here are a couple hair clips I put together last night for a cute, little girl.

I wish I had better cutting skills to make the M in a better font.

Felt and wool felt are nice to work with because you don't have to finish the edges and it won't fray. I still chose to stitch along the outer part of the clip because it was looking too plain. I used regular thread for these clips, but next time I think I'll stick to embroidery thread. Embroidery thread is thicker, bolder, and more visible. It also adds to the cute, little girl look.

Craft Room

I often use Google Images to look up craft rooms and craft studios for ideas and inspiration for my own space. I also look at the pictures and imagine what it would be like to craft in each room...yes, I really do! It seems only fair to post my craft room and show you where all the magic happens. I have been blessed to be able to devote an entire room to my crafts. The walls are white and it's not fancy in any way, but it's a room where I can come and get lost in creating things.

This is where I mainly work. Please don't mind my messy fabric stash and my sewing machine cover that I accidentally made too small. :)

The other side of the room has become my guest craft table because crafting is always more fun with company! I bought the round mirror to go above this desk. It was on clearance for $22 from the Home Goods store in Vacaville! I initially thought I would paint over the yellow, but I'm going to hang it up first and figure I can always paint it in the future.

I'm totally happy with my craft room, but it's got nothing against some of my favorites!

Of course Martha Stewart has an amazing space!

I cannot express in words how much I love Heather Bailey's room. The bookshelf, the chandelier, the vintage velvet chair, the working table in the center of the room, the organization. Let's just take a moment and drool over all the details in this gorgeous room.

I could really post many more pictures of craft rooms and studios for us to admire, but I'll hold myself back for now.

Happy crafting!

Random Acts of Crafting

Hi! I'm Val and I like to make things. I'm starting this blog to share my projects and show my passion for what I do. I hope to inspire you to DIY and someday practice random acts of crafting!