Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time Flies!

Wow! I didn't realize I started this blog a year ago! Many things have changed, but crafting will always be a big part of my life.

I love making a variety of things, but I'm not good at taking pictures along the way. I wish I had a professional photographer to follow me around and take pictures of everything for me. Until then, in the next few posts I'll be sharing some pictures from my camera phone.

I think everyone knows at least 3 people who love Angry Birds. My nephews love these characters, so when I saw tutorials on how to make plush Angry Birds, I had to try it. Obsessively Stitching has great tutorials on how to make all the birds. This was the first time I've done applique and it was easier than I thought.

I think they turned out pretty well! Picture taken with scissors to show size. I wrapped some cardboard building blocks in brown paper bag so we could actually play live Angry Birds and knock down some pigs.

Here are a couple simple costumes I put together this past Halloween.

I'm caught in a rainstorm or well...getting blown away by a Spam Musubi in this picture ;)

My costume was very easy and simple for someone like me who likes to save everything for the last minute. I got an umbrella and tie from Daiso, a nearby $1.50 store and found a wig from Joann's for under $5. Easy and cheap for Halloween, plus I got many laughs. Or maybe it was my facial expressions along with the costume that got the laughs?

Next I helped my friend make a Spam Musubi costume.

Foam, fabric and shiny, black pleather. We put the entire costume together with some spray adhesive and minimal sewing.