Sunday, May 9, 2010

Craft Room

I often use Google Images to look up craft rooms and craft studios for ideas and inspiration for my own space. I also look at the pictures and imagine what it would be like to craft in each room...yes, I really do! It seems only fair to post my craft room and show you where all the magic happens. I have been blessed to be able to devote an entire room to my crafts. The walls are white and it's not fancy in any way, but it's a room where I can come and get lost in creating things.

This is where I mainly work. Please don't mind my messy fabric stash and my sewing machine cover that I accidentally made too small. :)

The other side of the room has become my guest craft table because crafting is always more fun with company! I bought the round mirror to go above this desk. It was on clearance for $22 from the Home Goods store in Vacaville! I initially thought I would paint over the yellow, but I'm going to hang it up first and figure I can always paint it in the future.

I'm totally happy with my craft room, but it's got nothing against some of my favorites!

Of course Martha Stewart has an amazing space!

I cannot express in words how much I love Heather Bailey's room. The bookshelf, the chandelier, the vintage velvet chair, the working table in the center of the room, the organization. Let's just take a moment and drool over all the details in this gorgeous room.

I could really post many more pictures of craft rooms and studios for us to admire, but I'll hold myself back for now.

Happy crafting!

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